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Josh Coleman

How do you explain Josh Coleman in eight words? Perhaps with a quote by Neale Donald Walsh: “Life Begins at the End of your comfort zone.”

As a former world-class Tae Kwon Do Athlete, nine-time U.S. National Team Member, a Pan Am Gold Medalist, former Olympic hopeful, and the future of CrossFit Amplitude, Josh knows where the comfort zone ends and life begins.

After five years of training at the Olympic training center and competing around the world, where could an elite athlete find the glory, satisfaction, and sense of camaraderie that Tae Kwon Do once bring him?

In Josh’s case, it was found within a no-nonsense, don’t-care, high-intensity CrossFit gym. Here once again were the discipline, sense of purpose and drive that he had once found in Tae Kwon Do. A new dream was born, the dream of CrossFit Amplitude. Here he would invest the glory, passion, and heart of what was once the Olympic dream, and channel his wealth of knowledge amassed from being a world-class athlete, personal trainer, and martial arts instructor—among other things!

From surfing, too, to long-boarding, to kite surfing, to competing in the heavy athletics of the Scottish Highland Games, Josh lives for that moment where you think you can’t, but find out you can. CrossFit ties together the athleticism of all these passions, and the heart of what has driven Josh all his life.

Josh is even further motivated by his former U.S team members, Antony Graf of CrossFit Threshold, and Tim Thackery of CrossFit High Voltage. These athletes bring their years of knowledge and experience to create a unique, effective gym experience, and the passion and drive to help their members toward success.

If you’re ready to leave the confines of your comfort zone and push yourself to and past your limits, you want CrossFit Amplitude!

Co-Owner, CrossFit Amplitude and Core Performance Training
Level 1 CrossFit Certified
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
CPR Certified

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