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Will Shields CrossFit Instructor

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Winston Salem Personal Training

Will Shields


Winston Salem, NC


Winston-Salem State University, Bachelor of Science- Sport Management

University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Pre-Exercise Kinesiology


NASM- Performance enhancement Specialist/ Personal Training


“What will stop you when you are older, started when you were younger. If you want to stay strong, healthy and fit as you age, personal training is the best answer.”



  • Major Barbell Exercises
  • Box squats
  • Box jumps



Dedicated personal trainer who seeks to maximize client progress through personalized instruction and programming which focuses on meeting clients’ goals through the safest and most effective means.

Work history includes trainer for Next Level Sports Performance in Atlanta, Georgia. Had the opportunity to collaborate with CEO to implement program design knowledge for athletes training speed, strength and sports agility. Worked as a floor technician for ATLAS Healthcare & Rehab also in Atlanta, Georgia. Became familiar with advanced pain relieving techniques and performed client assessment, analysis and treatment plans. Began personal training at Gold’s Gym Atlanta and assisted clients in achieving manageable and measurable goals. After moving home in 2013, started working at Gold’s Gym Winston-Salem and incorporated strength and conditioning/ physical therapy style workouts. Since 2015, have been personal training at CrossFit Amplitude and Robinhood YMCA.

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It has been a long 6 months but we are finally open again! Things are a bit different than pre COVID but everyone’s safety is paramount to us! To ensure your utmost safety we are following all the safety guidelines and have installed a state of the art air purification system with HEPA13 filters and ionizer. At full capacity, we are purifying the entire air every 20 minutes!