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Find Your Motivation for Exercising

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Find Your Motivation for Exercising

What’s my motivation for exercising?

Justin Plummer and familyThat’s a multiple answer question. The least important answer is, “because they say it’s good for me.”

Your doctor might advise you to keep an active lifestyle, but that’s not good enough advice to motivate most people. It’s true that regular exercise will improve your health, but we all need to discover what motivates us to develop and maintain a regular workout routine. 

I grew up playing baseball, and training was an essential part of the game. If I didn’t train, I didn’t get to play my favorite sport. Now as an adult, I’ve had to find different reasons to keep fit. I know about the physical benefits of exercise, but they don’t interest me. Here’s what does interest me and why I choose to stay physically active.

I want to help others find their paths to fitness, and I do this by setting a healthy example. 
I now have kids. They need to see me win. Keeping a high level of physical activity puts me in a better position to be successful. 
I want my wife to still be excited when I take my shirt off — now and when we are 85 years old.  
These are just a few of my most pressing reasons why I exercise.

Think about all of the different benefits you could get out of a workout routine. Maybe it could impact your relationship. Perhaps it would help you reach the top of that really tough mountain-bike trail. It might interest you to lower your health risks — even though the doctor told you to do it.

What’s your motivation?

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